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Dropbox-based outlines

Background permalink

With this new feature, you can create and edit an outline in your Dropbox public folder, and view it through the world outline software.

Think of it as a little content management system inside your Dropbox folder.

How to permalink

1. Open or create an outline in the OPML Editor and save it into the the public folder of your Dropbox folder.

2. Right-click on the file in the file system and choose Copy Public Link from the Dropbox sub-menu of the right-click menu.

3. Form a URL like the one below, where xxx is the URL you copied in the previous step. Orlando is the name of a test server I've set up to experiment with this idea.

4. Open that URL in a web browser. If it's a good OPML file, the server will redirect you to a new address, something like the address below. We call this the short name.

5. When you edit your outline, the changes will be reflected at the page pointed to by the short name.

It doesn't have to be Dropbox permalink

You can store the OPML anywhere you like, on S3 or your own web server.

Or it can be the output of a program.

It doesn't matter where the OPML comes from.

As long as you can get a URL to the file, we can deal with it.

You don't need to set up an account to use this feature.

You can update it whenever you want permalink

It will immediately notice the update. It checks every time the page is referenced to see if the OPML file behind it has changed. It turns out this is very fast on the web. We use a standard HTTP feature for this.

You can tell us what name to use permalink

If you add a name=yyy to the initial url, we'll try to use that name when generating the address. If we can't use it, if it's already taken for example, we'll generate an error.

For example, this URL would display at if that name weren't already taken.

Notes permalink

All worldoutline features are supported. Macros, rules, nodetypes. Please be kind to my server and don't get tooo fancy. :-)

If you forget that short name, just enter the long url again and it will redirect to the short name.

You can use the short name in links from your web pages, send them via email or tweet them. They work just like shortened URLs, but they do something more powerful when they are expanded.

Notes for server setup permalink

To enable the feature, there's a new prefs panel in the OPML Server website.

On the local server, go to this address.

Check the box to enable the feature, and enter the domain you want to use.

This feature needs an entire domain to work with. You must map a wildcard for that domain to the server that the worldoutline software is running on.

Parts permalink









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